My motto is “If it’s not realistic, it’s not maintainable. If it’s not maintainable long-term, then it doesn’t work”.

My Approach

Hannah El-Amin RD CDE Registered Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist Certified Diabetes Educator


People often expect that I will approach them with a list full of “don’ts”. Some clients even go so far as to have one last indulgent meal the night before they come in for an appointment with me. However, one of my major goals in nutrition therapy is to make transition comfortable for my clients while still being effective.

Early in my career I learned that more than 90% of people who attempt to lose weight with dieting will be unsuccessful. I also learned that the vast majority of those people who fail at diets will eventually regain more than what they lost in the first place. I see this as unacceptable. At that point I vowed to dedicate myself to making sure my clients were in the category of those who are successful long-term. This not only applies to weight management, but also Medical Nutrition Therapy for conditions such as diabetes, celiac disease, high cholesterol etc. I believe strongly that a client shouldn’t have to experience extreme sacrifice in order be successful with their goals. As a matter of fact, I believe that feelings of sacrifice and deprivation will lead to failure over the long-term. This is the idea behind Nutrition That Fits.

Not only is the advice I provide reliable and effective but it FITS into your life in a way that is  realistic to maintain.

I work best with clients who have a strong desire to improve their health. I love working with patients that are internally motivated.

My Road to Nutrition

I grew up in a household where healthy eating was always encouraged. This wasn’t because of an obsession with weight. It was because my mother always encouraged us to see every meal as an opportunity to nourish ourselves to the highest standards. When I was young, I recall asking my mom to bring me back a “treat” of some kind if she went out to run errands. The “treats”  she’d return with would be things like vegetarian hot dogs or fruit-sweetened candies. And this was long BEFORE vegetarian hot dogs were actually tasty. Needless to say, as a young child, I was NOT enthused.  However, I began to embrace nutritious eating myself more as a teenager. I began working in a health food store as a part-time job.

During those couple of years, I became intrigued by the power of diet and nutrition to improve one’s health and well-being. I saw how it placed the power over one’s health in their own hands. I then decided I wanted to help people have power over their health with the choices they make 3 times a day. I also believe these choices should be appetizing ones.