My Approach

My clients have demanding lifestyles, whether as busy moms or corporate professionals. Although they try to fit healthy eating into their lifestyles, they feel like, no matter what they do, they’re not getting the results they want. This is where Nutrition That Fits can help turn things around. Many times, our attempts at healthy eating either fail, or are short-lived. This is because healthy eating is approached in a manner that doesn’t FIT with the person’s current lifestyle.

Commonly, my clients face issues with weight management, diabetes, pregnancy nutrition, high cholesterol, and other diet related condition. I help them pinpoint their problem areas. Then we map out a plan to fix only these problem areas that are broken. In other words, our efforts are focused and we’re not overhauling their entire diet and lifestyle. As a result, clients are able to achieve precisely the results their looking for and clients are comfortable with the changes and confident that they can maintain them.

What I do differently is take seemingly complex concepts and help people understand their conditions and necessary interventions clearly for the first time. I then propose solutions that are effective, realistic, and maintainable.