Success Stories

Gestational Diabetes Isn’t So Scary Anymore

Thanks for your help with my Gestational Diabetes.  I’ve now been tested twice and my levels have been where they should be.  I’m so grateful to you for teaching me how to properly manage my carb intake to regulate my blood sugar….I know how scared I was when first diagnosed – not just that it would be difficult to monitor my diet but also that I was doing something unintentionally to harm the baby….I carry the “carb count” cheat sheet you gave me wherever I go!  —Magen H.  Chicago, IL

Lowering Cholesterol with a Busy Lifestyle

A hospital executive I was recently working with wanted to lose weight and improve cholesterol levels. However, with a very demanding job and lifestyle, overhauling his diet was not an option. With gradual changes, he lost 40 pounds in 6 months and improved his cholesterol levels as well. While people were constantly remarking how great he looked, he told me he felt almost guilty about how easy the entire process was.

Simple and Effective Management of Diabetes

Recently, a woman came in who’s blood sugar levels were suddenly increasing after years of being well controlled. By teaching her some simple techniques and making some minor adjustments to her diet, she was able to lose almost 50# in 5 months, and her blood sugars were better controlled than they had even been before.

Other Testimonials

Hannah El-Amin was just what I needed to lose those last stubborn 10lbs! She explained in a very understandable way the caloric needs my specific body needed and provided a journal that helped me keep track of my intake. Exercise alone was not going to get me to my long awaited goal. Hannah provided the tools and support I needed to see immediate results. —Amenah I. Chicago, IL

I love the fact that it was an one-on-one consult. She was extremely nice and helpful. She provided a lot of tips on healthy choices. Additionally, we discussed other habits of mine effecting my diet, such as sleep patterns and stress patterns. It was easy to talk to her without feelings judged. I look forward to seeing her at our next appointment, and I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements of my lifestyle. —Sentae T. Chicago, IL

Hannah is such a nice person and cares deeply about what she does. I’m so glad I have her to help me. –Nicole F. Chicago, IL

She was caring, attentive, thoughtful, understanding and holistic– exactly what I needed! She even called me and talked me through everything prior to our first appointment. –Sage M. Chicago, IL